In 1972 an iconic image of earth was captured from a million miles away. It looked like a little blue marble. Decades later, marine biologist Dr. Wallace J Nichols initiated the Blue Marbles Project and set out to pass a blue marble through every person's hand on earth, with a simple message of gratitude along with it  Since that time blue marbles have been shared around the world with millions of people in celebration of our beautiful, fragile, planet, carrying the simple and clear message that #WaterIsLife.


Bag of Blue Marbles!

Support The Blue Marbles Project with a bag of 20, 50, 100 or 200 marbles to share with the world as a token of gratitude for loving our little blue planet!

Blue Marble Ambassadors

Take giving to a new level. Select a bag of 500, 1000 or 2500 marbles to share with the world as a token of gratitude for loving our little blue planet!! Your order comes with cards and small jute bags for sharing bags of 20 marbles!

Perfect for retail stores or personal giving!

The Blue Marbles Project.

Your voice. Your planet. It’s all in your hands.

So, the "rules" remain pure and simple.

1. The marble must be blue (any shade, preferably glass).

2. When you get one, give it away to someone as a token of gratitude (whenever you like).

3. Share your story with the world (however you like).

All you need do is get some blue marbles and start spreading blue gratitude. When you get them from us they come in a great little drawstring bag with blue game cards to pass along...and your purchase helps us give away even more blue marbles all over the world!

We believe in the peaceful sharing of the blue marble from person to person. So, please don’t be silly (or weird) and use it for any other reason than spreading gratitude and love! Use any marble cautiously because used incorrectly they can be dangerous to yourself, other people and things like windows...and because we care about you, and the project, we need to state that The Blue Marbles Project and it's affiliates are not responsible for any injuries from marble misuse. Ok, now that we’ve we got that clear, have fun and share random acts of kindness, because in the big picture what you do with your blue marble is up to you. 

Blue Marbles - Glass Azure 1” or 7/8” 20, 50, 100 and 200 blue marbles and blue game cards come in a drawstring bag to share one at a time! Orders of 500, 1000 and 2500 marbles come with enough small jute bags and blue game cards so you can share your own 20 marble bags and help spread gratitude for our little blue planet!







Custom Cards - 250 Marbles or more

Customize your cards by adding your logo or changing the photo for your own personalized blue game card! Send art!